Welcome to The Session Files site for The Melton Session

This site holds a collection of sheet music relating to the tunes and songs played by The Melton Session at various venues.

Whilst many of the tunes are Irish this is not strictly an "Irish Session"; tunes and songs played are from the whole of the British Isles and even further afield. Also The Melton Session is more structured than many sessions, mainly adhering to a playlist for order of playing.

The Playlist is subject to change but usually remains stable for a number of weeks or months. It includes the tunes/songs in the order in which they are normally played, along with an optional list of tunes/songs that have dropped off the regular list but are occasionally played if there is spare time or special requests. We also sometimes choose to use an old playlist for a bit of variety.

The tunes and songs themselves are available on The Files page in both PDF and Image formats. There is a useful Search function to enable the relevant file to be found quickly.

The sources of these are varied, from self transcribed to many different collections available on the world wide web. Many of the sheets have been copied and modified many times before we have the versions presented here, and the origins of the sheet music are often shrouded in the mists of time. Useful online repositories from which some have been obtained include the following:

...and we gratefully acknowledge their contributions to the continuing promotion of traditional music.