In addition to the performances listed in the Schedule we have arranged some very informal “singarounds” where all are welcome to attend as contributors or just as audience.

Start the festival off with a welcoming singaround at The Crown, the home of the Melton Folk Club.  All are welcome from 8:00 pm in the upstairs Tiger Room, whether you come to entertain or be entertained.

A great finale to the first day of the festival at the Boat Inn.  Starting at 8:00 pm, an informal singaround at the Boat Inn will mark the end of the first day of the Melton Mowbray Christmas Folk Trail.

What better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon?  Informal singarounds between 12:00 and 6:00 pm at the White Lion.  A chance to perform even if you have no performance slot allocated in the main schedule.  All very welcome to perform and to listen.

Another informal singaround at the Boat Inn.   Starting at 8:00 pm, all performers and audience are welcome at the singaround that will mark the end of the Melton Mowbray Christmas Folk Trail for this year.

Festival Performances

The CrownFriday : 8:00 pm
The CrownFriday : 8:40 pm
The CrownFriday : 9:20 pm
The CrownFriday : 10:00 pm
The CrownFriday : 10:40 pm
The BoatSaturday : 8:00 pm
The BoatSaturday : 8:40 pm
The BoatSaturday : 9:20 pm
The BoatSaturday : 10:00 pm
The BoatSaturday : 10:40 pm
The BoatSunday : 8:00 pm
The BoatSunday : 8:40 pm
The BoatSunday : 9:20 pm
The BoatSunday : 10:00 pm
The BoatSunday : 10:40 pm