Meri Everitt

Meri was born and raised in Melton and is coming back to share some of the songs she wrote in Melton when she was in school and some more recent material which has earned her BBC radio exposure. Her writing is honest and straight from the heart. She’s in a punk rock band but all her songs are rooted in folk and she recently recorded an ep in Nashville. Some songs will be pretty, others will express anger for justice and the feelings of an outsider, which she has always been. Expect passionate delivery, stunning vocals and beautiful rhythmic guitar playing. Don’t expect to be bored and don’t expect to leave the gig without some changes in your perspective of yourself or others. Meri’s aim is to leave nobody feeling alone with their personal pain. She will have merch for sale so bring some cash. Tshirts etc start at £7. Check out her songs here.

Wanted!, by Meri Everitt
13 track album