Katrina Turner

                     Both based out West in Chester, this will be the first duo outing for Katrina and Martin. Katrina grew up on the folk scene and has been singing with her mum, Mal Waite, and sister Rebecca for many years. Most of the singing with The Waite Collective is unaccompanied harmony, and they’ve even started singing and dancing for French dancing. Katrina also sings with The Time Bandits, who perform songs and music from up and down the centuries.
                    Having become a part of the folk scene by marriage, Martin spent many years being bemused by the way everyone else seemed to know all the words. He started making a concerted effort about ten years ago to learn some songs so he could join in, and hasn’t stopped since. Expect unaccompanied singing from both of them, both individually and together. There will be sea songs, working songs, love songs and may even be some harmonies thrown in for good measure.