Jane Orton

Impressive singer/songwriter and very popular on the Leicestershire folk scene

I love punk: my all-time favourite band is Rancid and the thing I love the most about them is the way that their friendship comes across as so genuine. Noel Gallagher is my favourite songwriter and Liam is my favourite frontman. My favourite music video is Oasis’ D’You Know What I Mean?  I love the apocalyptic feel to it! Also, I know everyone says this, but Nirvana’s Unplugged in New York is my favourite acoustic album: it’s recognisably rock music, but so laid back and pretty.

I think Johnny Cash is great because he had so many idiosyncrasies in his style. I love blues as well, but a lot of this comes from the mythology surrounding the music – the story of selling your soul at the crossroads is one of my favourites. I think mythology is a really important element of music – sometimes, the imagery of a song will be the first thing that draws me in, even before the musical elements. I don’t think that music is just sound.


Festival Performances

The Gas TapSunday : 2:40 pm
The Generous BritonSunday : 4:00 pm
BeerHeadZSunday : 12:40 pm