Graham Wheatley


              I have been playing bass for a number of local bands for over 30 years.  I also play guitar and sing at open mics and sessions, particularly the Blue Boar in Leicester where it all started.

I write lots of songs and record them for fun, where I also play drums, keyboards, banjo and tenor mandola.

My song writing is split between three alter egos:

  • Brad Gates – a gentle country singer, writing about dogs, trucks, tractors and imaginary girlfriends.  His backing band will be The Roebucks – if he ever gets round to recruiting them!
  • Devil’s Claw is Brad’s evil twin, performing Gothic Bluegrass songs with dark lyrics about murders, hangings, diseases, crimes, war and natural disasters
  • Gryppe of Önan plays satirical and political songs in an acoustic punk style.  The down side is that many become out of date within weeks.  Sadly, others will be still relevant in 20 years.